Length of program 2 years
Timetable afternoon
Credits 60 ECTS
CoordinationDra. Montserrat Alguacil Dra. Ingrid Sala.
Application Open


The curriculum of the University Master’s degrees gives the Practicum a core role in student training; for this reason this module is worth more credits. The Practicum is a chance to put into practice what has been learned in other classes within the Master’s. The Practicum offers relevant contact with the professional world and is therefore an important source of professional and personal enrichment. It also develops the critical capacity and self-critical thinking needed to ask questions and is thus and essential driver of scholarly research and overall academic and professional development.

Students in the MUP must do a Practicum in a training or educational institution that is involved in educational psychology and guidance issues for a total of 14 ECTS (which means 280 hours of practicum), around 70 hours in the seminar within the faculty with the supervision of a professor from the MUP and individualised mentoring and follow-up.
The Practicum will be done in institutions with which the Blanquerna-URL Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences has Practicum agreements. They include public schools, publicly-subsidised private schools and fully private schools.

The Practicum period is divided into three stages:

  • Observation practices
  • Period of guided intervention 
  • Independent intervention

The following will be taken into account when evaluating the Practicum:

  • Student self-evaluation
  • Evaluation of the university supervisor
  • Evaluation of the supervisor at the Practicum centre

Currently, the institutions that host our practicum students are:


Regulations for external placements in FPCEE Blanquerna-URL master's courses