Length of program 1 year
Timetable afternoon
Credits 60 ECTS
CoordinationDr. Manel Noguera
Application Open
Modality On-site


The objectives of the University Master's in Work, Organizational Psychology and Human Resources are the following:

  • To contextualise the management of people within the framework of the organisation.
  • To become familiar with techniques and strategies to manage people.
  • To development executive skills in order to manage people more strategically.
  • To have the key elements needed for an overview of the organisations of the future.
  • To develop personal and interpersonal skills needed to generate credibility and trust in the human resources professional.
  • To situate the human resources function within company management.

Specific competences

  • SC1 - For students to know how they should manage the human resources of an organisation depending on both the internal and external context.
  • SC2 - For students to have the ability to generate and implement new techniques, ideas and concepts to improve the management of people and human resources.
  • SC3 - For students to know how to design mechanisms to evaluate and improve people’s physical and emotional health within an organisation.
  • SC4 - For students to know how to apply digital instruments and methodologies in research and in human resources management.
  • SC5 - For students to be familiar with and develop human resources management policies.
  • SC6 - For students to be capable of adapting practices to meet the needs of their internal and external clients, contributing to the organisational objectives.
  • SC7 - For students to be capable of defining and applying to their workplace quality standards that are coherent with the human resources strategy.