Length of program 2 years
Timetable afternoon
Credits 90 ECTS
CoordinationDra. C. Palma Dr. V. Cabré Prof. A. Gil
Application open

Master’s Final Project (MFP)

Students have to turn in a Master’s Final Project which will be supervised by a PhD professor affiliated with the Master’s assigned to the student. This project must be publicly defended before a committee made up of two PhD professors from the Master’s programme.


  • To know how to integrate knowledge, formulate judgements based on information and to reflect on the social and ethical responsibilities of the profession.
  • To know how to communicate conclusions, knowledge and arguments upheld in writing.
  • To acquire critical skills on one’s own professional practice in order to align with continuous improvement.
  • To know how to apply the principles and fundamentals of the orientation to the design of interventions.
  • To know how to plan and manage the interventions of the profession.

 MFP Development and Defence 

Whenever possible, the MFP has to be directly related to their Practicum (or, otherwise, to another professional centre supervised and recognised by FPCEE Blanquerna). 
There are four types of MFP:

  1. Development of a case study contextualized in a health care institution or centre where the student has carried out or is currently carrying out their practice placement. Instructions to write a case study can be consulted in Annex 1.
  2.  Development of a research report using empirical data and following a scientific article format. Instructions can be consulted in Annex 2.
  3. Development of a systematic review or meta-analysis of a topic particular to General Healthcare Psychology.
  4. Proposal of an assessment procedure or intervention programme of interest for a general healthcare psychologist (e.g., a psychological intervention, a web platform, an audiovisual production of interest for general healthcare psychology, an assessment instrument, etc.)

Evaluation criteria

To evaluate the MFP, in accordance with the explicit competences of this module, the match between the objectives and methodological design, the fit between the topic of the study and the context, and the monitoring carried out within the seminar (group tutorial) and the individual tutorial will all be taken into account.
The presentation of the project (formal aspects), the quality of the theoretical referents, the analysis and the final proposal, duly argued and presented, shall also be taken into account (see the file on evaluation reports for the MFP)

Defence of the project

The student will have ten minutes to defend their project before a committee made up of two professors from the Master’s programme. They should prioritise the aspects from their project that they deem the most important and make a clear, precise and comprehensive summary of it. Once this presentation is over, the student must respond to any observations, comments and questions from the members of the panel.
The Master’s Final Project may be written in Spanish or Catalan, although the EGA of the Master’s and Doctorate may authorise it to be submitted in another language with a prior request in writing from the director. In this case, a summary of the project is Catalan or Spanish must be submitted.

Final scoring rubric of the MFP

The MFP will be evaluated using the following rubric:

-    Written project 50%.
-    Academic work and oral defence assessed by an evaluation committee 50%.