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Blanquerna FCRI celebrated the First Talent Day

June 22, 2016#Employability

Representatives of 18 companies in the communication and international relations sector went to Blanquerna School to meet young students and graduates seeking a place in the professional field, whether it be journalists, advertisers, audiovisual communicators or experts in the international field.

Celebrat el primer Talent Day a Blanquerna FCRI

More than fifty students and alumni of the four degrees participated in the first day of orientation and professional innovation that served to bring them closer to the business world. Previously, candidates took part in a training day given by Talent Search People and Talent Pitching, which took place in the entrance hall of the school; Violeta Silva Rodriguez, representative of Banco Santander-Universia hosted a conference on the job skills most valued today.

This conference was organized from the Associate Dean of Business and Innovation, the area of professional careers, along with Alumni. During the Talent Day it was explained to students what the market trends are and participants received advice and recommendations on how to approach a job interview, and how to write and design a good resume.

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Celebrat el primer Talent Day a Blanquerna FCRI

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