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Global Communication and Change Management

Degree DirectorEnric Ordeix
CoordinationEnric Ordeix
Price 750€

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The purpose of this program is to enhance the participant’s skills as present or future leaders in multinational organizations, in the fields of Global Communication and Public Relations. It summarizes the content of the Master in Global Communication, Leadership and Corporate Diplomacy offered at our FCRI-Blanquerna, representing an excellent landing program for the students enrolling in it, as well as for those willing to have an updated overview of the field.


  • To provide students with the tools to cope with the new demanding profiles
  • To face the challenges of the dynamic needs of international organizations


  • How to improve the alignment between social and corporate values
  • How to build trust and increase stakeholders’ engagement
  • How to drive change in your company as a key value for growth


Este Programa aborda, entre otros, los siguientes temas

  1. The Public Relations Professional
  2. Corporate Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. Public Relations and Ethics
  4. Corporate Communication and the spokesperson
  5. Media relations
  6. Latest trends in PR Organizational culture values
  7. Change management
  8. The concept of knowledge hub
  9. Accelerating organizational change
  10. Management versus leadership


  • Bart de Vries, IPRA President; Consultant and lecturer. The Netherlands.
  • Dr. Enric Ordeix, Academic Director Global Communication Center, FCRI-Blanquerna-URL, Spain
  • Filippo Muzi Falconi, CEO Methodos Group, Italy