Summer school

Introduction to the World of International Relations

Degree DirectorOnno Seroo
CoordinationFederico Guerrero
Price 625€

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This course pretends to introduce young students into the academic and professional field of International Relations: an expanding field in our country in which Blanquerna has experience in graduate and postgraduate courses. The course is structured in three parts: (1) basic concepts and ideas of international politics, economics and law to understand the current international system; (2) an overview of the main topics of the current international agenda (security, development, climate change, migration, etc.); (3) presentation of professional careers for students of International Relations.


  • Introducing participants to the different options and specializations included in the versatile field of International Relations
  • Offering the participants some basic knowledge on international politics, economics and law, as well as on topics of the current international agenda
  • Meeting academics and practitioners of International Relations with young people interested in the field (labour prospection)


  • How to approach the analysis of the complex international system
  • How to combine the knowledge from politics, economics and law to improve your practical understanding of current international events
  • How public (governmental) and private (NGOs) institutions work in the field of International Relations


Este Programa aborda, entre otros, los siguientes temas:

  1. Introduction to International Relations studies
  2. International Political, Economic and Legal Structure
  3. Conflict analysis
  4. International cooperation and inequalities
  5. Climate change
  6. Terrorism
  7. Migration
  8. Professional careers in International Relations


-  Prof. Sonia Andolz, professor of Anthropology and International Organizations at FCRI, URL; professor of Security and Defence studies in UB and ESADE

-  Prof. Federico Guerrero, professor of International Political Structure, International Relations Theories and Foreign Policy Analysis at the Degree in International Relations (FCRI, URL), coordinator of the Official Master in Advanced Studies in International Affairs (FCRI, URL); associate professor of International Relations at UAB

-  Prof. Mercè Kirchner, professor of Seminar about Current International Events and coordinator of Professional Internships at FCRI, URL.

-  Dr. Miguel Ángel Medina Abellán, professor of History of International Relations, International Organizations and International Relations Theories at FCRI, URL; director of the Official Master in Advanced Studies in International Affairs (FCRI, URL)

-  Dr. Juan Carlos Palacios, professor of International Economy at FCRI, URL; Associate Professor of International Economy at UB; coordinator of the Master’s degree in Global Inequalities and Social Transformation (FCRI, URL)

-  Dr. Alejandro Pozo; professor of Geopolitics, Peace and Security at FCRI, URL; expert in Conflict Analysis and Humanitarian Affairs at Médicos Sin Fronteras (MSF).

-  Prof. Erika Ruiz Sandoval, analyst at the Studies Department of Fundación Carolina; worked at the Undersecretariat of Foreign Affairs of the government of Mexico (2013-18)

-  Prof. Onno Seroo, director of the Degree in International Relations and coordinator of the Official Master in Advanced Studies in International Affairs (FCRI, URL)

-  Prof. Aida Vila, professor of Negotiation, Advocacy and Lobbying at FCRI, URL; Legal and Political advisor in Greenpeace