Grau en Pedagogia
Length of program 4 anys
Timetable Morning
Internships Compulsory
Credits 240 ECTS
Application January 30, 2018

At Blanquerna-URL, you will find a training design in contact with professional practice and appropriate instruments to go deeply into these disciplines. The Practicum shall give you the opportunity to observe and apply the different procedures, skills, and resources that you have learned, with guidance by a tutor from the Faculty and a tutor from the practice centre. The aim of practice is projection, analysis, application of knowledge, introduction to research, and socialization within the working culture.

The Curriculum of the Faculty gives the Practicum and student placement in external centres a central role in the training of Pedagogy Degree undergraduates. The Practicum allows us to arrange theory and reality of professional intervention in a basic manner and, at the same time, develops critical and self-critical skills necessary to pose questions; it becomes, thus, an essential motor for scientific research and for the global academic and professional development.

Follow-up of placements: Individual and group supervision of practice

Students are assigned a practice tutor in the practice centre and a teacher-practice tutor at the Faculty.

The practice tutors in the institution-centre monitor the student’s practical training in the setting of the centre; they control and follow up the placements and inform the teacher-practice tutor at the Faculty about any incident that may happen. The relationship between the practice centre and FPCEE Blanquerna-URL is constant both through personal contact and assessment reports.

Through the seminars, the teacher-academic tutor is the figure of reference for the FPCEE student; they are responsible for tutoring and supervising their placements in the academic context. This supervision and follow-up is carried out through two kinds of tutorial.

·         Firstly, individual tutorials: The teacher-academic tutor develops a follow-up through individualised tutorials with the student, closely and taking into account specific circumstances of the student and the practice centre.

·         Secondly, group tutorials (with a maximum of 15 students and 4 hours per week throughout the entire academic year): the group follow-up of placements is carried out in the Practice Seminar, where students develop professionalising activities that allow them to integrate theoretical aspects of their profession and subjects taken, and their experience in practice centres. 

This training process in the Practice Seminar is complemented with congresses, conferences, visits, etc., which remarkably contribute to develop a professional role.

The global programme of the Practicum allows students to get to know the diversity and plurality of professional intervention models in the different fields.

The Practice Department is responsible for coordinating the relationship between the Faculty and the more than 2,400 practice centres.