Culture and Audiovisual


Contemporary culture makes access to audiovisual products available to all, both consumption-wise, as production-wise. Images (static and in movement), sound and music fill the symbolism with which citizens of today represent themselves and explain the world. A world which is in constant evolution, where the adoption of technologies makes us rethink the perspectives of analysis. The current agenda of this field of study includes new concepts such as transmedia or mediation of visual objects, and digital technologies in human interactions.

Researchers the Audiovisual Culture Group understand audiovisual communication as a cultural artifact, from which to establish relationships with several languages and disciplines, in order to identify their social implications. Philosophical, anthropological and aesthetic trends and cultural studies stimulate our theoretical and empirical activity. The supremacy of audiovisual communication in our global and local society raises a series of questions, on which we are working to find answers to. Which cognitive maps guide a culture’s experiences in the way of a story? How do we integrate the different perspectives of the various humanities disciplines, in the understanding of how identities and social relationships are formed? How do we analyze the experience of cultural consumption of transmedia products which have broken the linearity of traditional narrative?