GRECPRP: Research group in advertising strategy and creativity


Main research areas

The research group Strategy and creativity in advertising and public relations carries out their theoretical and empirical work in the following areas:

  • Strategy and creativity. It studies the different languages (visual, textual, auditory and conceptual) and their application in advertising campaigns, and other products and promotional activities. They seek to analyze trends in strategic and creative methods developed by the advertising and public relations industries today, applied to both public and private organizations.

  • Audience analysis. It explores the effect that commercial communication has on stakeholders, by sector, applying the following processes: opinion-leader setting; agenda-setting and message impact; interaction dynamics in brand communities.

Areas of specific interest:

  • Promotion of electric vehicles. It explores whether the communication strategies of the automotive sector, tied to sustainability, are consistent with the approaches it formulates.
  • City branding. It investigates the process of creating city brand identity, and its promotion in a globalization context, which focus is motivated by the premises of social marketing.
  • Restoring confidence in the financial sector. The Great Recession of 2008 has seriously eroded public confidence in the financial sector. This area analyzes which communication actions favor the (re-)instalment of trust.
  • History of advertising. By probing into the history of advertising and of the appearance of advertising agents and agencies, it aims to analyze how communicative actions by companies and public institutions have evolved in relation to social concerns. It is especially interested in examining the history of advertising in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain.