Inter-university research seminar on teaching and learning, reading and writing strategies (SINTE-Lest)


Services offered by the group

  • Bibliographic updates on the research group’s topics and avenues of research.

University education:

  • The group regularly holds specific research seminars at the four universities participating in SINTE with Spanish and international guest speakers.
  • Inter-University Doctorate in the Psychology of Education.
  • Computer programme to qualitatively analyse data and for content analysis, ATLAS.ti 5.2.

Training for institutions:

  • Courses on learning strategies in different settings.
  • Courses on efficient reading and writing.
  • Courses on epistemic, scholarly or academic writing.
  • Courses on methodologies for dealing with diversity in formal educational settings.
  • Course on formative and educational evaluation.
  • Courses on educational-psychological advisement. Establishment of a guidance department, advisement models, analysis of contexts, etc.
  • Seminar to reflect on one’s own practice with groups of teachers at different educational levels.