Research Group on Psychology, Person and Context (PSICOPERSONA)


Avenues of research of the group

The group’s main avenues of research are:

  • Childhood. Dr Roser Vendrell.
  • Constructivism and psychotherapy. Dr Lluís Botella. 
  • Cyberpsychology. Dr Ursula Oberst.
  • Addiction to substances and behaviours on the social networks. Dr Xavier Carbonell.
  • Evaluation and intervention in clinical psychology. Dr Sergi Corbella.
  • Integral Education. dr. Jospe Gallifa.
  • Adoptions and family welcome. Dr Meritxell Pacheco.
  • Grieving processes. Dr Olga Herrero.
  • Psychology and spirituality. Dr Josep Gallifa.
  • Old age. Dr Carme Solé.
  • Creation of knowledge (transversal avenue of research).