Blanquerna has submitted its application for HRS4R assessment to the European Commission

The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) is an initiative by the European Comission to encourage and support institutions in the implementation of the Charter and Code principles in their practices and policies.

In spring this year Blanquerna committed to the HRS4R by endorsing to the 'European Charter and Code for Research' in order to continuously improve its HR practices and create a working environment that stimulates Research and Innovation.

In line with the guidelines established by the European Commission, Blanquerna initiated the process to implement a new Human Resources Strategy that would make the institution a more attractive workplace for researchers at all levels, and set the grounds towards the HR Excellence in Research accreditation.

After an inclusive and participative approach involving the whole researchers’ community, as well as the governing bodies and research management representatives, a thorough gap analysis was performed and an action plan was developed, in alignment with the European Code and Charter for Researchers, and along four main groups of principles: Ethical & Professional Aspects, Recruitment, Working Conditions & Social Security, and Training & Career Development. A timeline and a series of indicators have been defined for each action, as well as a coordinator and several working groups to ensure a close follow-up of the implementation process.

Today Blanquerna has submitted its application for HRS4R assessment to the European Commission, including both the gap analysis and the customized action plan/HR strategy approved by the Executive Committee.

Through this initiative Blanquerna demonstrates its commitment to improving and consolidating its policies and procedures in order to promote excellent research and make research careers in Europe more attractive and sustainable.