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Master in Life-long learning in Comprehensive Urgent and Emergency Care

Pre-enrollment open

  • Modality
    Hybrid learning format
  • Languages
  • Duration
    2 academic years
  • Credits
  • Date
    October 2022
  • Places
  • Faculty

    Blanquerna School of Health Sciences

Who is it for?

Graduates in Medicine and Nursing.

Master degree in collaboration with the Institute of Medical Studies

The Blanquerna School of Health Sciences and the Institute of Medical Studies (IEM) are offering the Master Degree in Comprehensive Urgent and Emergency Care, a training program considered a teaching activity of interest by the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine (SEMES) and the Catalan Society of Emergency Medicine (SOCMUE).

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Improve your qualifications

The master degree in Comprehensive Urgent and Emergency Care at IEM and Ramón Llull University is adapted to the European Higher Education Area with 90 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System).

This university training is the result of the merger of three previous university training programs, designed, directed and managed at the IEM. The current master degree program has been running since 2006, having trained over 700 medical and nursing professionals.

The master degree in Comprehensive Urgent and Emergency Care allows students to learn the procedures and techniques specific to the emergency environment, providing the professional skills needed to work in hospital and pre-hospital emergencies.

  • Learn about the emergency field and how to act in the event of an emergency
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to work in an urgent care setting
  • Acquire the skills to be able to work in the pre-hospital setting

  • Urgent care and medical emergencies: The latest in medical and pediatric emergencies, pharmacology, toxicology and radiology in urgent care and medical emergencies, ALS, ATLS, APLS.
  • Trauma urgent care and emergencies: Surgical techniques, pediatric trauma patient, mobilization and immobilization of injured parties, stab wound and gunshot victims, CCI.
  • Rescue, urgent care and emergencies in special situations: Aquatic, underwater and mountain medicine, CBRN, IMV, aviation medicine and psychological assistance in urgent care situations and emergencies.
  • Coordination and management in urgent care and emergencies: Critical patient transport (land, sea and air), legal aspects, service management, communication and ICTs in urgent care and emergencies.
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Admission process


Academic information

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Objectives of the internship

  • Prehospital medical emergency units.
  • Hospital emergency services.
  • Medical emergency and rescue unit (fire department)


Update with diagnostic and therapeutic advances in hospital and prehospital UEM.

In-depth look

In-depth look at decision making at a theoretical and practical level.

Identify and treat

Identify and address life-threatening situations that require immediate action.


Know the techniques and procedures of life-saving and rescue in hostile and special environments.

Internship Companies

Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital, Parc Taulí Hospital (Terrassa Hospital), Mútua de Terrassa Hospital, Vall d'Hebron Hospital, Hospital del Mar, Servei Emergències Mèdiques (SEM), Bombers de Barcelona (Barcelona Fire Department).

Career prospects

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Servei d'urgències hospitalari

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Servei d'urgències extrahospitalari


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A direct link to your future career

Our work doesn't finish the moment you graduate. The Alumni department will support you to enable us to achieve an employment rate of 90% of students in the first year after graduation

State-of-the-art equipment at the students' disposal

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Admission to the Master Degree in Comprehensive Urgent and Emergency Care

This pre-enrollment and enrollment process is different from the other master degrees offered by the school.

Application process

In order to process the pre-enrollment, the following documentation must be attached:

  • Bank receipt as proof of payment of pre-enrollment fee or the full master degree tuition fee
  • Résumé with a current photograph
  • Certified photocopy of the university degree certificate or of the receipt of certificate in medicine or nursing
  • Certified photocopy of ID card or passport
  • Two passport size photos in color
  • Original documentation accrediting professional experience in urgent and/or emergency care (optional)

Places are reserved by chronological order of enrollment with the corresponding payment of the pre-enrollment fee and, subsequently, the total master degree tuition fee.


Payment for enrollment can be made in full or in installments by bank transfer. Enrollment to the master degree is deemed null and void if the required documentation has not been submitted and at least the pre-enrollment fee has been paid (this fee will be deducted from the total tuition fee). The pre-enrollment fee will only be refunded in the event that the student is not admitted in the candidate selection process. The IEM offers students master degree financing schemes with special conditions through the banks La Caixa, Banco Sabadell, Bankia and TargoBank.

The final reservation of the place will be made effective once the corresponding pre-enrollment fee has been paid. The IEM does not guarantee that this training activity will go ahead unless a minimum number of students are enrolled. In the event that the maximum number of students who can enroll is exceeded, the academic board of the master degree will establish a selection process. The order of enrollment, the total payment of the master degree tuition fee, seniority of certification and experience in urgent and emergency care will be determining factors, in order to preserve the educational quality of the activity.

Tuition fee

Total tuition fee for the academic year

Payment options

Payment of the total cost of the Master Degree upon commencement.

  • 1st payment: €3,000 corresponding to the pre-enrollment fee.
  • 2nd payment: €3,250 before September 30, 2022, by direct debit.
  • 3rd payment: €2,250 before November 30, 2022, by direct debit.
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