Doble título en Periodismo y Comunicación Corporativa y en Relaciones Internacionales (5 años)
Length of program 5 years
Timetable Morning and afternoon
Internships Mandatory, elective, extracurricular
Application Open.

Final degree project

Double degree students must undertake two final degree projects: one for the Degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication and the other for the Degree in International Relations. The final degree project for Journalism and Corporate Communication is a compulsory element and is undertaken in the final year. It is a key assignment as it enables students to put into practice everything they have learnt throughout the degree and it is also essential to pass this course in order to obtain the degree qualification. The project, which must be of a professional standard, is undertaken outside class and is supervised by a course tutor.  

The International Relations final degree project is also undertaken in the final year and is essential for obtaining the degree qualification. The project must be of a professional standard, is undertaken outside class, and is also supervised by a course professor.

The final degree project is a key element in student education as it allows students to integrate everything they have learnt throughout the course, to gain a deeper understanding of international relations, and to assimilate the transdisciplinary nature of the field. In addition, it enables them to to develop their discursive and reasoning skills, critical analysis, and the use of sources and documentation. It also helps them to improve their communication skills and to work with initiative and autonomy.