Doble título en Periodismo y Comunicación Corporativa y en Relaciones Internacionales (5 años)

Double Degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication and in International Relations (5 years)

On-line Application
Length of program 5 years
Timetable Morning and afternoon
Internships Mandatory, elective, extracurricular
Credits 334 ECTS
Application Open.
Modality On-site


From 2019 onwards, it will be possible to study for the Degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication and the Degree in International Relations simultaneously. This opportunity is available for those wishing to work in journalism on international politics and those who wish to develop a deep understanding of the world of international relations from a journalism and/or corporate communication perspective.

This double degree program covers the core compulsory subjects of the two degrees in five years while offering specific training in journalism and international politics. In an exam to be taken before the course, students must show they have a standard of English equivalent to CEFR B2.    

A multidisciplinary program

Employing a plurality of theories and methods and a transdisciplinary approach, the aim of the  Degree in International Relations program is to provide a well-founded, analytical understanding of international affairs from a range of different perspectives: historical, political, economic, cultural, legal, social and communications. The degree provides the knowledge and professional skills needed to undertake and manage projects in the field of international relations. It also provides students with the analytical tools and methodologies needed to understand and operate in the complex field of international relations in the world of today, and to understand and interact with the multiple players involved. The course program includes subjects relating to international politics, economics, culture and communication undertaken by governments, multilateral organizations, multinational corporations, and businesses seeking to expand abroad, as well as approaches to development aid.  

The Degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication program provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the communication professions. Theoretical and practical training opens up career opportunities in communication media, companies, public authorities, and other organizations in which corporate communication is increasingly important.    

Training by professionals

The faculty team’s extensive experience and their ongoing contact with the profession enable them to adapt the subject matter they teach to the new digital and mobile ecosystem and to the rapidly changing international relations of global politics.

State of the art facilities

The School enjoys state of the art equipment and facilities, which include two radio studios, two television studios, fifteen professional video-cameras, twelve digital video post-production rooms and a multimedia laboratory. Students make regular use of the facilities and equipment for practical work that is subsequently discussed in class by teachers who are in daily contact with the profession.

The aim is to enable students of the Double Degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication and in International Relations in Barcelona not only to familiarize themselves with the equipment and to learn how to use it intelligently but also to adapt their approach to a constantly changing medium.