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Get to know Blanquerna

Since 1948, the training that is committed to social transformation

Blanquerna-URL offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees and diplomas in the fields of education, sports, health, communication and international relations.
Since 1948, at Blanquerna-URL we have been working to achieve a global education based on the principles of humanism. We are committed to high-quality training, in which knowledge, education and values go hand in hand and make the difference.

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Five areas that directly affect people's lives

Blanquerna-URL is a private non-profit foundation with a universal and public service vocation that translates into high-quality teaching and research. The aim is to train competent professionals committed to society and to contribute to its progress. The five areas of teaching and research are directly linked to people, their education, health, well-being and commitment in a global world.

Alumnes fent pràctica d'educació


We understand education as a public, quality service, we educate teachers with innovation and service skills.

Estudiants a l'estudi de ràdio


To communicate with rigor and ethics, that is why our base in education is professionalization and humanities.

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We educate professionals with a holistic view of the patient, that offer a more humane, more efficient treatment.

Alumnes desenfocats al passadís de la Facultat de Comunicació i Relacions Internacionals

International relations

The global world requires a new professional profile in diverse fields, with politic, economic and communication formation.

Estudiants a Hospitalet Nord


Sport has become a professional sector not only regarding the field of sports practice, but also of management and communication.

Directius a Sant Tomàs del 2019

Blanquerna's governing bodies

Protocols and guarantee of rights

Personal Blanquerna amb els ODS

Horitzó 2030

Blanquerna, committed to sustainability

At Blanquerna we work to promote the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.

Ramon Llull Chair

The Ramon Llull Chair was founded in 1994 to develop a common instrument and space for the Blanquerna faculties. The Chair takes the humanistic, integrative, committed and transcendent perspective of the scale of understanding of Ramon Llull as its fundamental bases. It is structured in four main areas: academic field, pastoral field, solidarity and cooperation field and identity and mission field.

Càtedra Ramon Llull

We make Blanquerna a safe space

Blanquerna has prepared the spaces and organized the schedules to ensure that students and teachers gather in the classrooms, while also holding online teaching sessions. Our goal is to ensure the quality of teaching and services that Blanquerna has always offered, but, in particular, to preserving the health of all parties involved.

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Excellence is the future