Master in Creativity, Education and Health

Length of program 1 year
Credits 60 ECTS
CoordinationDra. Verònica Violant, Dr. Xavier Àvila, Dra. Carina González and Dra. Inma Benedico

Master in Creativity, Education and Health

This master offers a professionalized training specialized of third key stage, addressed to professionals or professional teams of multiple disciplines and developments who desire to promote the his or her own creativity and others' through a creativity pedagogical training implemented in education and in the promotion of the cure and the welfare of the human being in different contexts.

The welfare as a fundamental right is a complex and active process of awareness to a healthy life and in constant evolution that supplies, from a transdisciplinary thought, the complexity of the dimension of the human being such as emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, ocupational, physical, social and spiritual.

This training is blended. It will start with workshops during the first 3 weeks of july 2019 and the other part of the course will be online and it will finish with 3 weeks more of on-site workshops during july 2020. The on-site workshops will take place in Barcelona.

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We carry out this training with: