The School of Psychology, Education and Sports Sciences Blanquerna - URL

Our Faculty has a long history of 65 years at the service of higher education as an evolution of Blanquerna School of Teachers. From this tradition, at the beginning of Ramon Llull University, we developed new studies in the fields of Psychology, Education, Sports, and Speech Therapy. At the moment, we are more than 3000 students, 250 faculty members, and 63 administration and services professionals. We are currently offering 7 degree courses,11 university master’s courses, 4 doctorate courses and different URL courses and Continuing Training courses. We have agreements with more than 2500 practice centres.

Our main aim is to train professionals with those competences and flexibility required by current societies and the contexts of educational, social and health care professions. We also educate people on the basis of a proposal of high-quality, personalised, integral training, with emphasis being laid upon humanistic training and also the acquisition of personal competences such as autonomy, initiative, responsibility, leadership skills, creativity, teamwork, communication and expression skills, and emotional and social competences.

Blanquerna’s own method is based on personalised attention, participation in seminars (small groups of 12-15 students per tutor), approach to the professional world, and learning based on scientific rigour and values of humanism. These traits characterise us and shape our expertise, thus becoming a guarantee for quality education.

Why to choose the Faculty?

Because you will acquire sound intellectual preparation, taking full advantage of your talent, and also an education that will enhance your development as a person.

Because you will be provided with more opportunities: by studying and practising at the same time, by studying –if you want- in another country, by having state-of-the-art technology, with excellent facilities and services.

Because you will take part in seminars where theory and practice are combined and you will acquire professional and personal competences.

Because you will live in a university excellence environment.

Because your chances of employability will be higher. At Blanquerna when you become a graduate, you always end up by finding a job.

Because Blanquerna guarantees specialization and recognition. This is endorsed by all our former students, current professionals, who appraise their stay in Blanquerna with great satisfaction.