Length of program 1 year in Barcelona and 1 optional year in Boston
Timetable Some Tuesdays from 18.00 to 21.00, Thursdays from 18.00 to 21.00, Fridays from 16.00 to 21.00, and some Saturdays from 10.00 to 14.00.
Credits 60 ECTS
Degree DirectorDr. Enric Ordeix Rigo, Dr. Carles Cascante-Serratosa.
CoordinationÀngels Rotllan

Price 8700€


The aim of the Master’s is to provide students with knowledge of the following areas:

Cross-disciplinary competences:

  1. To enhance students’ capacity to think and plan strategically and to work autonomously in a systematic goal-oriented manner in order to develop professional excellence and the ability as leaders and/or managers to meet the challenges of global communication in any organization or international business.
  2. To encourage students to tackle risk head-on and not to avoid taking decisions, and to develop an awareness of the responsibilities inherent in every alternative that any international organization or business may consider and implement in a global environment.
  3. To develop students’ ability to achieve common objectives by working with others in groups or by creating new ones, with a special emphasis on the diversity and multicultural nature of groups given the international or global dimension of the organizations.
  4. To develop a proactive and flexible attitude in the rapidly changing environment which particularly affects communication in global businesses and organizations, in theory, as a tool, and in practice at work, in order to provide new imaginative responses on the basis of training received. 
  5. To develop skills and encourage the creation of a network of contracts with two aims:
    1. to establish relationships with professionals working in global communication in businesses and international organizations;
    2. to keep up to date with new global communication tools in order to manage growing international responsibilities and maintain professional excellence.

Specific competences:

  1. To acquire the theoretical resources, the analytical method, and the appropriate techniques for leadership and management of corporate communication, public relations, and corporate diplomacy in multinational businesses and global organizations and advice in those areas.
  2. To develop a strategic approach to global communication in international businesses and organizations focused on designing and implementing the most effective strategies, based on ongoing analysis of changing environments, with clear objectives which make it possible to lead and manage organizational communication with internal and external audiences, both in local contexts and in international and global environments.
  3. To develop an awareness of the importance of incorporating in global communication strategies the social responsibility, ethical commitment and values of international businesses and organizations.
  4. To develop the ability to achieve outstanding global communication strategies by improving the social commitment of businesses and organizations to their internal and external audiences and their legitimacy: the commitment of members or employees and the commitment of international or global community.
  5. To strengthen the skills and tools needed in corporate diplomacy and communication to transmit values in a multicultural and global environment.
  6. To develop students’ capacity to analyze and plan businesses’ and international organizations’ reputation, identity and brands taking into account their corporate social responsibility and values.
  7. To transmit best practices in global businesses and organizations by researching and designing strategies and implementing tactics to prevent and resolve crises and to safeguard their reputation.
  8. To develop the skills needed to create, manage, and motivate effective teams to lead and implement global strategic communication projects in any field of public relations in the widest sense, both in the management of brand content and in the management of institutional relations.
  9. Provide students with the necessary confidence in their own abilities to enable them to join an extremely demanding work environment, as an agent of change able to remain attuned to both corporate and social values. To develop a rigorous understanding of the profession and of the key skills and attitudes needed to lead and manage international businesses’ and organizations’ global communication and consolidate their social legitimacy.