Length of program 4 years
Timetable morning
Internships compulsory
Credits 240 ECTS
Application Open
Modality On-site

The Final Degree Project (FDP) in the Education courses has the main objective of carrying out an interdisciplinary study or project, usually related to different subjects taken in the course. It allows students to show how they have assimilated the competences of their degree course.

The FDP springs from a concept of the teacher as a thoughtful professional, with intellectual and research interests, who explores the educational experience with the aim of introducing contributions to improve both its practical and theoretical aspects. This idea of a professional corresponds to a teacher as an agent for change and transformation, and goes far beyond the idea of a technician who only applies methods and procedures as indicated in the educational curriculum.

The teacher that is able to carry out some reflective educational practice and to use action-research in their job becomes a discerning teacher. A teacher that does not depend only on the opinion of experts to develop their task but is able to create a pedagogical body.

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