Degree in Digital Media

On-line Application
Length of program 4 years
Timetable Morning or afternoon
Internships Mandatory, elective, extracurricular
Credits 240 ECTS
Modality On-site

Digital Media at Blanquerna

The Degree in Digital Media is linked to the future of the output profiles offered, which reflect the evolution of the sector. The so-called technological convergence has had two effects on training and professional profiles linked to communication. The first is that the contents of communication have been separated from the medium in which they are produced, distributed and consumed, so that the borders between, for example, the press, radio and television have been diluted in new platforms such as search engines and social networks. The second is that the production and distribution of content has ceased to be a monopoly of media and has given way to new forms of creation and consumption.

Future Studies

Thus communication studies have to incorporate new disciplines such as technology, data analytics or usability design in order to adapt to the demand of the sector's occupants. The result is a set of new professional profiles linked to the digital environment that must have a solid background in Communication and Humanities. An intersection in which Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations is a pioneer in Catalonia and Spain. It is this field of communication and humanities that new students must be guided towards, to technology, data analytics and digital environments. 

The new Degree in Digital Media is a new opportunity for students who want to make the digital environment the main axis of their profession thanks to the transversality of their training and the ability to develop in hybrid environments between advertising, journalism and audiovisual communication and with information, corporate communication and entertainment.

enlightened Blanquerna strengthens the digital profile of its communication studies: multimedia and multiplatform vision, incorporation of new professional skills and transversalities, axes of the new degree.