Noia saltant des de trampolí
Length of program 4 years
Timetable morning
Internships compulsory
Credits 240 ECTS
Application Open


The FDP is viewed as an opportunity to integrate many of the competences which the student has acquired during the Degree in Sport Management and demonstrate their readiness as a future university graduate. By delving into a topic or area of interest for the student within the field of sport management, their ability to carry out a research project, a proposal for intervention or a business plan can be evaluated.

This project will play a major role in the graduate’s last year, and it aims to be the culmination of the teaching-learning process proposed by the Degree in Sport Management at FPCEE Blanquerna. This culmination should bring together all the knowledge acquired throughout the entire degree, seeking the meaning that the different subjects in the curriculum have in the project.
The students autonomy and responsibility in carrying out the project are essential to achieving the competences encompassed in this FDP. Likewise, students will also have the support they need methodologically through their attendance and participation in an FDP Seminar and individual tutoring. This guidance by an expert mentor will be an essential ingredient in ensuring the quality of the proposals developed by students.


The competences to be developed while carrying out the FDP, in line with the competences that are part of the curriculum design of the FPCEE Blanquerna Degree in Sport Management, are the following:

General competences

•    To show initiative, an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership, and to know how to work on an interdisciplinary team.
•    To seek and manage information from different sources, as well as to apply the knowledge acquired in different professional settings.

Basic competences

•    To convey information, ideas, problems and solutions to both specialised and non-specialised audiences.
•    To develop the learning habits needed to undertake subsequent studies with a high degree of autonomy.

Transversal competences

•    To show a critical spirit and ethical commitment.
•    To act with respect for the environment, as well as to recognise cultural diversity and respect differences.

Specific competences

•    To design the organisational structure and define the organisational strategy.
•    To plan and run one’s own business in its key dimensions.
•    To design and develop global management projects or projects to manage functional areas.


The student will have two semesters to do their FDP, and they will be supervised by a professor/mentor, both individually and through the seminar sessions. Therefore, there will be a venue where the professor/mentor will hold group seminar sessions in order to share the process underway. These seminar sessions will alternate with individualised follow-up/tutorials (each mentor will track each project individually). Each seminar group will be made up of 10-12 students and one mentor, and attendance will be compulsory for all group members.

Presentation and public defence

Presentation and public defence before an evaluation committee made up of two professors from the degree, one of whom may be the mentor. In order to defend the project, the approval of the professor-mentor from the seminar must be secured to ensure that the project meets the minimum requirements to be defended.