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Blanquerna Research Fellowships

Scholarships announced by Blanquerna faculties for master's and doctoral students with the aim of promoting the training of young researchers and supporting research groups. The announcement is made public on the bulletin boards of the faculties and on the web. The call is published depending on the availability of places.

Terms fot the call for grant applications for predoctoral research in training (PIF) from the Blanquerna-URL School of Comunication and International Relactions

Barcelona School of Communication and International Relations at Ramon Llull University is opening a call for applications for 1 grant for Predoctoral Researchers in Training (EPIF) for a period of 3 years.

The goal of the call is to encourage the presentation of high quality doctoral theses in any of the following lines of research:

  • Sociology of Communication. This includes the study of social conflict, the media handling and social perception of violence, the digital divide and intergenerational conflicts, or the Representation of the other in new media.
  • Business communication. This includes a wide range of topics: communication audits, the role of communication strategies to promote change in organizations, corporate communication strategies, new trends in brands, public relations and corporate culture, advertising creativity and planning, issues management and the use of new technologies in political communication.
  • Film and television. Politics and cultural identity through the media, audiovisual and transmedia narratives, identity in cinema, television and transmedia. The intersection between cultural citizenship and television or new forms of film exhibition in the digital era.
  • Technology, society and communication. This includes topics such as the study of the impact of technology on journalistic and communication practices, media convergence, journalistic responsibility and ethics, technology and communication policies or technology and media regulation. It also includes the relationship between religion, communication and culture, and related aspects in representations by the media of groups and communities.
  • Journalism, politics and democracy. Research projects are developed on political commitment, media and citizenship, international communication, professional journalism, participation and active-audience in the digital public sphere, among others.
  • International Relations. This includes study and research in the field of international relations drawing on historical, political, economic, cultural, legal, sociological, and communication perspectives of globalization. Here, research projects are developed on the commitment that different social actors assume in globalization.

Terms and conditions:

  • Free enrollment in the Communication PhD program at the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations of Ramon Llull University.
  • Annual stipend of 16.720,13 euros gross.
  • Incorporation into a research group at the university acknowledged by the Government of Catalonia.
  • The grant period is for 3 years in order to complete a doctoral dissertation.

Responsibilities of the Predoctoral Researchers in Training

  • To complete a doctoral dissertation on one of the areas mentioned above.
  • To actively collaborate with the assigned research group.
  • To give support to research and teaching tasks for the assigned research group.
  • To finish the doctoral dissertation within the establish timeframe.
  • Start your task at the Research Institute on October 1, 2022.


  • To have a bachelor’s degree in any area of the social sciences, especially those with relation to Communication and International Relations.
  • To have of a university master's degree or to be studying towards one during the 2021-2022 academic year such that it will be completed and accredited before September 30, 2022.
  • To have a certified advanced level of English.


Applicants must send the following documentation to the Secretary of Research and Graduate Studies:

  • Research proposal for the doctoral dissertation demonstrating its relationship to the aforementioned areas of research. (3.000 words).
  • Academic certification of bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
  • Certification of level of English as a foreign language or Spanish as a foreign language for candidates from countries where it is not an official language.

The application and documentation may be presented up until July 18, 2022 by email to [email protected].

In awarding the grant, the following aspects will be evaluated:

  • The quality of the research proposal.
  • The correlation with the prioritized areas of research.
  • Academic curriculum.
  • Level of English.
  • Proposal made within a group that has not enjoyed the EPIF scholarship in recent calls.


  • Submitted applications will be evaluated by the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program.
  • The outcome of resolution will be made public, at the latest, on July 29, 2022.
  • The call can be declared void.
  • The candidates will begin in their positions as of October 1, 2022 at 77 Tallers Street, headquarters of the Research Institute of the School of Communication and International Relations.

More information: For further information, please contact the Professor and Vice-Dean of Research Miriam Diez Bosch.

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