Degree DirectorJordi Vilaró, PhD
Application opened
Modality On-site

Objectives and competences

The main objective of the Doctorate in Healthcare, Wellbeing and Bioethics is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to develop innovative and creative research models, interrelating and responding to social and healthcare demands to be addressed in the twenty first century.

Basic competences

(established by RD 99/2011 28 January)

CB11: Systematic understanding of a field of study and the mastering of field-related skills and methods of research.
CB12: The ability to conceive, design, create, put into practice and adopt a substantial process of research and creation.
CB13: Ability to contribute to widen the horizons of knowledge via an original research project.
CB14: Ability to carry out a critical analysis, assessment and synthesis  of new and complex ideas.
CB15: Communication skills with the academic and scientific community in general about areas of knowledge in the register and language that is habitually used in the international scientific community.
CB16: Ability to foment, in academic and professional contexts, scientific, technological, social, artistic and cultural progress within a society based on knowledge.

Personal skills and abilities

CA01: Develop in contexts where there is Little specific information.
CA02: Identify the key questions to be asked in order to respond to a complex problem.
CA03: Design, create, develop and undertake new and innovative projects in the field of knowledge.
CA04: Work as part of a team and individually in an international and interdisciplinary context.
CA05: Integrate knowledge, address complexity and form opinions with limited information.
CA06: Intellectual appraisal and defence of solutions.