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Habeeb Yaghy

Habeeb Yaghy

[email protected]

Formació acadèmica

2010 | Applied Linguistics and TEFL

1999 | Journalism (Radio and Television)

Perfil professional

Experiència professional

2020 - 2021 | Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona | Media Instructor | Teaching Alternative Mass Media in the Arab World

2016 - 2016 | Lebanese American University | Instructor | Teaching critical thinking and writing and public speech delivery

2006 - 2016 | Saint-Joseph University | Instructor | Teaching English as an integrated approach, including all four skills of the language, and Business English to MA students; designing the proficient level of the University listening comprehension exam

2005 - 2016 | Notre Dame University | Instructor and Writing Centre Tutor | Teaching academic essay and paragraph writing, grammar, research and critical reading, and English in the workplace

2002 - 2002 | Télé Lumière | Television Presenter | Planning and presenting a morning talk-show program on latest printed publications, including literary books and literary newspaper and magazine articles; conducting interviews with Arab authors

1997 - 2009 | Voice of Lebanon Radio Station (Radio Voix du Liban) | Broadcast Presenter and News Editor | Planning and presenting programs, documentaries, and talk shows in Modern Standard Arabic and Lebanese Arabic with some interviews presented in English; training new presenters how to deliver their voice, breathe, and apply correct grammar rules


Habeeb Yaghy (2022). Soutour La Takthib. Nelson.

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