#GCMWebinar: «Storytelling in support of Global Brands and Values»

On Wednesday, May 13th, at 4:00pm, Bart de Vries, professor of the Global Communication Management Degree and former president of the International Public Relations Association, will offer a webinar focused on storytelling and brands.

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De Vries has advised and coached clients of PR/PA agency Hollander van der Mey for over 20 years. During that time, he’s been exposed to a wide variety of communication challenges, ranging from corporate reputation to PR marketing introductions to crisis communication.

He has both a practical and a thoughtful approach to communication assignments: he recognizes that real change, often at the heart of communication challenges, is dependent on having a long-term view, understanding and also, a key element: mastering the art of storytelling.

Who owns the narrative, owns the game!

In this webinar, professor De Vries will go in-depth on the cross-roads between business management in communication, public relations and creativity. Because, who owns the narrative, owns the game!

Part of the work of the Global Communicators of the Future consists of crafting a solid messaging strategy and working them through media.

Professor De Vries has counseled clients on a variety of public affairs assignments and helped in building political contacts. He’s also professor of the Master's degree in Global Communication, Leadership and Corporate Diplomacy.