Basics in a wide range of options to be to able teach attractive art classes [curs tancat]

Durada Modealitat A - Presencial 30 hores
Horari De l'1 al 5 de juliol de 2019 en horari de 8.30h a 15h.

Inscripció al curs:

Modalitat A - 30h presencials
De l'1 al 5 de juliol de 2019 en horari de 8.30h a 15h.


El preu de la inscripció és de 85 euros i dóna accés a 30 hores de formació (1 curs) en qualsevol de les modalitats.


Descripció del curs:

The idea of this course is to open many doors in refreshing possibilities for students to express themselves artistically in an easy and effective way. Reviewing the basics of fundamental materials such as pencils, papers, cardboards, etc. and discover that there are many more than one way to make things.



  • To acquire a wide range of knowledge of how to do art projects.
  • Learn the way and formula of how to cultivate methods of teaching visual art.
  • Introduction on how work with students three-dimensional art.
  • Learn how to have a constructive and positive attitude in doing art.


  • Day 1 – Activities in a two-dimensional format; color, possibilities of mixing techniques, collage... 
  • Day 2 – Continuation of day 1 and photography to register work done and activities and as artistic expression. 
  • Day 3 and 4 – Exploration in three-dimensional possibilities in common and easy to find materials ; mobiles, pop-ups, drawing with wire, models, light shadows. 
  • Day 5 – Performance and other techniques and formats of visual expression.



The method used would be explaining, examples, practice by the students, analysis, constructive criticism in a group and individual supervision. 


Tom Carr Milio. Doctor en Belles Arts. Artista en actiu. Professor titular a la Escola Massana