International Ph.D. programme in Applied Psychology: Adaptation and change in contemporary societies

Durada 3 years (full time) or 5 years (part time)
CoordinacióUrsula Oberst, Ph.D.

This International Ph.D. programme in Applied Psychology is set up and operated by a consortium of three European universities: Universitat Ramon Llull, URL (Barcelona, Spain), Universidade Católica Portuguesa, UCP (Oporto, Portugal), and Nottingham Trent University, NTU (Nottingham, United Kingdom).

The doctorate programme leads to a Joint Ph.D. degree, defined as one degree awarded by all three universities.

The language used for the training, research and communication, as well as for the doctoral thesis manuscript is English.

Doctoral thesis projects should be focused on one of the following four research branches:  

(1) Human relationships across the lifespan: couple, family, and group
(2) Mental health and psychopathology
(3) Exclusion
(4) Adaptive and maladaptive behaviours related to digital technologies


Document of committment

Conditions for continuity in the programme